How to configure MS windows service to start with different type

When we set service at the MS window system, there should be configuration of starting type which can be automatic or manual way.

The below types are the specifically you can use them into the service installation;


The start options are

  • auto–a service automatically started at boot time, even if no user logs on
  • boot–a device driver loaded by the boot loader
  • demand–a service that must be manually started (the default)
  • disabled–a service that can’t be started
  • system–a service started during kernel initialization

And the below has the example

@echo off

echo *******
echo How To Use Script
echo _______________
echo This script must be run with Administrator priviledges.

echo –
echo Make sure you have set the binpath to the fullpath location of your XXXXXX.exe

echo –
echo If Installation fails try using ‘SC delete XXXXXXServer to uninstall any previous XXXXXX service installations
echo _____________

SC create XXXXService displayname= “XXXXServer” binpath= “.\XXXXX.exe” start= auto obj= LocalSystem


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