Magento gmail new order email is not sending

It is weird situation that new order email is not sending properly from magento shopping cart.

I have used sendgrid for mail sending most of case and never know about the queuing mechanism at Magento at all.

And this this I was using the SMTP Pro Email Extension that has Queue configuration that was bother to send email through gmail smtp server.

All you have to do is System ->configuration -> SMTP Pro and select the “Queue Usage” as “Never” as below image;

Java :: Sharing HTTP session with multiple different applications in weblogic sever

Sharing Http Session State between Web applications in weblogic is not that simple case you can resolve. It will need lots of configuration in  weblogic and need to in one EAR file too.

 Configuration of sharing Http Session 

•Should be deployed in one EAR file.
•Build script(ANT) should be modified to move war files to one place and manual construction for weblogic-application.xml
•Enable to share session in weblogic
•Enable URL rewriting for session tracking




<?xml version = ‘1.0’ encoding = ‘windows-1252’?>

<application xmlns:xsi=”” xsi:schemaLocation=”” version=”5″ xmlns=””>





















Persistent User Session Management


– Pros: Fast & Not many changes in RIS-I

–  Cons:  Possible failure case in failover.


–   Pros: Safe on many failover.

–  Cons : Will be slower than memory



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