[Magento 2] Authorized.net completion pending or error issue (Not moving to next page.)

The Magento 2 improves in many ways but it is still lagging with many small issues to use properly.
The major credit card processing that is the Authorized.net direct post way which is processing properly at the backend.
I can see the transaction that is successfully in placed at the authrozed.net and admin console got the order properly.
but the page was not moving at all after the completion of payment from the client side.

The solution should be temporary but it is working fine at this moment.
The Magento version is 2.1.1 and authorized.net direct post.

From /shop/vendor/magento/module-authorizenet/Model/Directpost.php,
You should comment out the $this->checkTransId(); as below sameple;

protected function processOrder(\Magento\Sales\Model\Order $order)
try {
} catch (\Exception $e) {
//decline the order (in case of wrong response code) but don’t return money to customer.
$message = $e->getMessage();
$this->declineOrder($order, $message, false);
throw $e;

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