How to set up the PATH with Windows10

The Windows 10 hide so many manual stuff that you can’t easily find out.
However, it has been simplify to get the control panel than previous windows version by just typing “Control Panel” at the Cortana command line or say anything with microphone.

After that, it will popup the control panel window. Then, the remain steps are same as conventional way as below;

Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings


Magento gmail new order email is not sending

It is weird situation that new order email is not sending properly from magento shopping cart.

I have used sendgrid for mail sending most of case and never know about the queuing mechanism at Magento at all.

And this this I was using the SMTP Pro Email Extension that has Queue configuration that was bother to send email through gmail smtp server.

All you have to do is System ->configuration -> SMTP Pro and select the “Queue Usage” as “Never” as below image;

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