THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 2 is now on Netflix

It has been a long waiting for this drama series to be in Netflix.

The series 1 was great to watch from a TV(AMC) and series 2 was little bit expensive to watch that I have to pay $2 from Amazon or something else.

Now I can watch them free on Netflix with HD quality screen. The walking dead is not just horror  or action but it is a human drama.

Yeah, there are lots of killing, shooting, and violence. However, with those crazy screens about zombi, it is still trying to bring out reality between humans.

It is showing more on family bond or value and interpersonal relationship with people not a zombi. For example, you and your family are  facing group of zombi at the dead end street without any tool for defending from zombi. These zombi can be killed when its brain got damaged. Ha. Ha..

Enjoy this series from netflix.

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