LG G watch Review (After 4 month of usage)

This LG G watch is really well functioning and nice additional tool of smart phone. Once you get used to it, you will rely on a lot in many different ways.  When I first worn it, it didn’t look that great and felt like a toy than smart device.

I have seen a movie or cartoon which the watch was used for transmitter,phone, or any kinds of disguised hidden technology tool. Therefore, they can get out of some kinds of  emergency cases. This tech watch could be easily disguised in old days because it is common trend to wear watch on your wrist to check the current time. Since the smart phone has been improved his smartness with new technology, we are not wearing a watch as much as old days.

The new trend is bring your smart phone with you for 24 hours which is not handy due to bigger screen size of  smart phone time goes by. And people are keep forgetting their phone to be with them all the time or not possible to take them all the time easily due to many different activities such as water sporting or some other harsh activities. For that sense, this new smart watch is came in the right place and it will be the new trend. The new apple watch will lead this new momentum drastically.

This LG G watch has following good and bad factors and it won’t be the best seller  since the apple watch is coming soon and it is not the sole market winner at this moment.

The good sides of this LG G watch are;

1. you could get this smart watch cheaper than $100 which I bought it at $79 at the bestbuy with $50 google credit.

2. you could use this phone for any android phone except apple iphone which this device is using android wear OS and no restriction to the specific phone maker such as samsung galaxy gear.

3. you can use browser from the watch and can connected many types of android software easily.

4. you can remote control your camera in the phone which is really cool feature to have

5. you will not see many issues or problems to use the smart watch which are very simple and working as normal watch in worst case.

6. you can use foreign language to communicate with smart watch which you can command or say to watch in different language than English.

7. you don’t need your smart phone for most of your time which you can live without your phone  for a day.

The bad sides of this LG G watch are;

1. you will feel too heavy which the LG G watch is too heavy as much as its size

2. You will feel it is not fashionable which it is not that pretty or good looking

3. you will feel it is too big with square shape which you might not like it at all

4. you will feel  it is not supporting apple products which the apple iphone has big market as well.

5. you will feel the supporting software is not enough which the android wearable software has just came out in the world.

6. you will feel ugly outfit design than any other smart watch which you would like to wait to have better design one.


In a nutshell, this LG G watch has great battery life time with some kind of durability which you can trust as a smart watch than a toy. But its design can not be disguised its own origin easily that will be the main issue.

People will buy it as a watch that can disguise its origin to people.  Then, James Bond will purchase this phone regardless of its feature or price.  The main point is it should change its design to be a real watch,



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