Idea of smart home in easy and simple way

The smart home is not that far a way from the non-smart home. DO not think it will be difficult or need lots of fund to build it from scratch.

First, understand what is the condition of your current house and smart home features that will be needed most.

The below  2 items can be the candidates which can easily get and be happy with smart response.

  1.  House temperature smart controller  : Google Nest, Honeywell….. you can name them. There are many products that can controlled by Google app or Amazon Alexa to controller home temperature remotely or planned schedule. With all known above nice smart features, it will also report out to you the your usage on energy based on your setting and recommendation of way of saving.
  2. Smart lighting : with so many different brands which can support smart functions such as remote turning on/off, dimming, changing color, and scheduling. Also it can be smarter with motion sensor that will trigger multiple group of actions together as benefit of using Amazon Alexa feature. For example, it can turn on all smart lights and connecter devices when sun is rising. Like wise, it can turn off all light at the sunset time.

With above 2 items you can have many creative ways of making your home smarter already. I am sure there are many other smart home tools like robotic cleaner, air filter, door lock, garage door opener, and etc.  All these smart devices are associated well enough google app or Amazon Alexa which you can control your house in one simple finger tip and relaxing with your smartphone that can monitor your house status or smart devices easily and hold some logics to be act as smart behavior.

Do you think this will be difficult to do it?

Yes. In a way you will need to spend some time to set up and make some rule for yourself. So you will need to do it from simple step and add up some more rules or actions so that it can be responsive smart home later.



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