How to Make Korean Style Ramen

Ramyun is the right name instead of Ramen in Korea. The origin of Ramen started from China as a historical background but it is more popular in Japan.

The first instant ramen had been manufactured from Japan around 1960. After that, Korean company,such as Samyan introduced instant Ramyun from 1963 and Korean style of Ramen is getting lots of hit current days.

There are too many different types of instant ramen but the instant ramen over here is kind of hybrid that it has be cooked little bit more time with pot than just adding hot boiled water into a disposal type of cup or bowl.

The reason of popularities as a Korean Ramen might be the taste of soup. It is very unique to other countries’ instant noodle soup. It is more spicy and hotter and less greasy as a simple description.

The thickness of noodle is various as their brands or styles. Also, the color of soup is various but the majority of Korean style ramen is close to Red color. Before you try to taste it, you can easily guess about the level of hot and spicy already.

This Ramyun will make you warm or sweat in cold winter time without any doubt. In the U.S. ramen is a quick and inexpensive favorite among college students and office workers.

This instant dish is well developed so that easy to turn into a satisfying meal with the addition of meat and veggies.
There are two big brands of Ramyun in Korea which are Samyang and Nongshim.

If you prefer to have thicker noodle, then you should choose a Ramen from Nongshim brand.

Now, here is the simple and easy way of cooking Korean style Ramen in less than 10 minutes. Or you can find an instruction from package of ramen too.
However, you can be more creative to cook this instant noodle to be a nice food at any time.

– Steps to cook a Korean style of Ramen

  1. Put 2 cups of water in a medium saucepan or pot and set it on the flame to boil. Adjust the amount of water for the amount of soup base desired.
  2. Open a package of noodles and add the powder of soup base from the pack of Ramen. Add any fresh vegetables or seafood that take some more time to be cooked.
  3. Take out of noodle and snap them in half. Add the noodles to the boiling water for 2.30 minute. Continue stirring the noodles to evenly distribute the flavorings.
  4. Now you can be more creative to cook nice Korean style ramen. You can add an egg or whatever you would like to have in hot spicy soup. 🙂
  5. Pour the noodles into a bowl and enjoy it.

Please let me know what are your best ingredients for the the Korean style Ramen.


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