Find Korean foods in Trader Joe’s – Bulgogi beef fried rice, Pajeon

When I visited Trader Joe’s after a long time, there were a lot of Korean food.

Korean food such as seasoned bulgogi, kimchi, and mandu dumplings have been seen recently at Costco, and I am very happy to have Korean food at Trader Joe’s.

If you look closely at the refrigerator section, you can find the following foods.

  1. There is Bulgogi beef fried rice with Kimchi and the price is $4.99.
  2. There is Vegetable Bird’s Nests (Tempura Vegetables with soy dipping sauce) and the price is $3.29.
  3. And Pajeon Scallion Pancakes(Pa jeon)…

Korean Foods Trader Joe’s Bulgogi beef fried rice with Kimchi

Bulgogi beef fried rice is fried in oil in a frying pan. The quantity is good enough for one person.

The rice was also chewy, so it suited my taste well. After putting it on a plate and sprinkling some sesame seeds, the delicious Bulgogi beef fried rice was completed.

Next, put the Vegetable Bird’s Nests and Pajeon in the air fryer and cook them without adding oil.

After about 5 minutes at 400 degrees, flip it over and run it again for 5 minutes.

The Vegetable Bird’s Nests and Pajeon tasted similar to those sold at Korean supermarkets.

When you miss Korean food, stop by Trader Joe’s.

I was happy because there were so many different kinds of Korean food such as Ribs, Beef Bulgogi rice, Pajeon, and Vegetable Pancakes.

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