Richard Walker’s Pancake House in Schaumburg

Richard Walker’s Pancake House

The taste of Dutch Harvest Pancake is very unique from other types of pancake and it comes with lemon with sugar powder.

The two areas of taste I can define as an unique as below;

1. The softness of  Dutch Harvest Pancake is in the middle of  normal pancake and waffle’s softness.

It is little bit more crunch than normal pancake and little more soft than waffle.

2.  With lemon and sugar powder, it keeps refreshing my mouth and can’t stop eating till finish up whole Dutch Harvest Pancake.


Overall, Dutch Harvest Pancake is providing not only  nice presentation but also unique taste which was worth to wait more than 20 minute to be sit.
1300 N. Roselle Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60195
Tel) 847.687.3333

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