How to replace 2005 Honda Pilot Headlight Bulb

My wife’s car, 2005 honda pilot, has got recently serviced by honda service center  which related to recall of headlight connection. Then, we have found out the right side of low beam of headlight was broken.

So, I was researching on the internet to find out right bulb for my car. Most of people recommended the Sylvania 9003/H4  Xtravision that is $18.88/pair at the walmart. Yes. you could buy the high end products at $30 0r $40 but all I want to do is replacing the broken one.

The below steps are  to replace the headlight bulb that is located on the passenger side. Before doing it, please be careful not  to  touch the glass side  of new headlight bulb.

Halogen headlights can be compromised or damaged altogether by the oils and alkaline in our skin.

1. Turn off the engine and headlights  when replacing the headlight. Release the hood latch which you have to pull the hood opener that is located at the left bottom side of driver seat.

2. Open the hood and stay it up by using the prop.

3. Locate the bulb that needs to be replaced and unplug the wire harness going to the three-pronged bulb by simply pulling it out.

4. Take out the black rubber gasket that covers the back of the headlight outlet.

5. Try to push and move side to unclip the steel wire that hold tightly the light bulb.

6. Extract the old bulb and insert the new one in the exact same position.

7. Re-Clipping the steel wire spring to secure the bulb.

8. Insert back the black rubber gasket.

9. Plug the harness into the bulb.

10. Turn the lights on to make sure that it is working properly

11. Close the hood.

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