iPhone 5 Thoughts!

Recently I got the iPhone 5. I got the iPhone as soon the unlocked version had come out.

I made sure multiple times that the unlocked model was A1428, which supports the soon-to-come LTE network on T-Mobile. I am perfectly fine with T-Mobile’s 42mb/s HSPA+ network. I have noticed that the EDGE is PAINFULLY SLOW.

I know this isn’t news, but I get almost no HSPA+ in like a 2-mile radius, so it’s not that bad, but it is dreadful on EDGE. I should say that I am on T-Mobile’s prepaid $30, 100 mins, unlimited data and texting plan.

The HSPA+, when you get it is very fast. I get 8 down and about 1.5 up speeds on 2 bars of HSPA+, which will actually show up as 3G on your iPhone because the LTE capabilities, as before it would show up as 4G.

I will talk about the T-Mobile in a later article. First, the iPhone 5. There are many reviews and thoughts of the iPhone 5. But, this is one of those phones that you truly need to use and play around with before you make a call on the iPhone.

With such a company like Apple, which doesn’t have the best public reputation, criticism is rampant. Critics of the company will find every single fault in the dang phone. And they have.

Crazy data bills, I don’t need to worry about because of the unlimited data plan, but I did notice that my iPhone on standby switches to the cellular network, I don’t know if this is just an iPhone thing, but I just wanted to note that.

Oh and all of the people worrying, the Triumph is still in my possession, but I may or may not sell it. I will make a decision very soon. The hardware is amazing.

Remember when I said, people look for the tiniest faults for everything in a iPhone?

I’ve read articles that criticized the iPhone for “being too light”. I mean, are you admitting defeat people? I love the lightness and just how it feels in my hand.

I have covered it up with a case though, but the case does not put lots of additional weight on the phone. The phone is usable with one hand, but unless you are really comfortable with the grip, I would not recommend doing this for extended periods of time because the grip on the iPhone is very loose because of the aluminum.

The whole phone looks great, although in my opinion if you actually study the iPhone, the glass little panes on the back look a little out of place and weird. But the iPhone in general looks really good.

Now lets get to the Lightning Connector. The widely hated cable. The critics are saying, why can’t Apple just be normal and switch to the Micro USB cable.

Well, I am thankful that Apple decided not to go to this route, as the pin connector seems much more durable in my opinion because the port on the Micro USB cable would easily break in my experience.

The pins make it much harder to break. Let me illustrate this for you. The Micro USB cable hugs around the connector. After heavy use, the connector can get out of place, and therefore could break so even if you put it back in the correct place, the current would not get through.

However, the pin connectors send the current through the pins. If you count the lines on the 8-pin connector, who would have thought, there are 8 of them. So there are similar pins holding the data, electricity, etc, and when you connect the cable, the pins touch and the data is transferred.

Think of it this way, the Micro USB is a piece of diamond hugging clay. It is easily adjustable and breakable, while the Lightning connector is like a key going into a keyhole. Hopefully you got a word of what I am trying to explain, but lets move on. The camera on the iPhone is great.

Good, high quality photos and great 1080p video recording. YES, there is a little bit of purple on the shot if you get it perfectly right. It is no big problem as if you move it even a centimeter to one side the purple goes away. MORE HERE LATER!

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