Go Back 버튼의 여러가지 코드 – 크롬 브라우져에서 안될때 사용가능한 방법

현재 페이지에서 한페이지 뒤로 가려할때 흔히 사용하는 코드는 아래와 같다.

<button onclick=”history.go(-1)”>Go Back</button>

<input type= ‘button’ onclick=’javascript:history.go(-1);return false;’ value=’Back’>

하지만 위의 코드는 크롬 브라우져에서 안되는 경우도 있다. 그럴때는 아래의 코드를 사용하여 해결할 수 있다.

<a href=”<?php echo $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] ?>”>Go Back</a>

<a href=”<?php echo $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] ?>” class=”btn btn-primary”>< Go Back</a>

<button onclick=”location.href='<?php echo $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] ?>'” type=”button”>Go Back</button>

<input type=”button” onclick=”location.href='<?php echo $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] ?>’;” value=”Back” />

OpenBravo with CreditCall EMV integration


Client Configuration




<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

<!–File should be named client.config.xml and placed in same directory as client sample –>

<ChipDnaClient version=”1.0.0″>

<!– Must match Terminal attribute posid in server config –>


<!– Key can be obtained from gateway control pannel –>


<!– Must match socket tag from server config–>








  1. PaymentPanelEMV.java


package com.openbravo.pos.payment;


  1. PaymentGatewayFac.java

package com.openbravo.pos.payment;


  1. PaymentGatewayCreditCall.java

package com.openbravo.pos.payment;


  1. JPanelConfigPayment.java



  1. CreditCall.java












label.emvterminalid=Terminal ID

lable.emvserverip=Server IP



For the signature integration;






if (transactionFinishedEvent == true && (resetMsg != null && (resetMsg.indexOf(“UPDATE:Removed”) != -1 || resetMsg.indexOf(“SIGNATURE_CAPTURED”) != -1))) {



if (item.getKey().equals(ParameterKeys.SignatureCaptured) && item.getValue().equals(“True”)) {

retrunValues = retrunValues+”SIGNATURE_CAPTURED”;



server config example for Ingenico-iSC250-RBA


-<Terminal posid=”KINGT2″>




<!– comment out previous line and uncomment one of the following lines for different terminal support –>




<!– id is located on the back of the device, typically looks like 2216340PT015555–>













MAke sur eto have proper com port number

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