Apple IPhone 6 plus Microphone issue

My wife has been using apple iPhone 6 plus for more than 3 months now and it has started showing an issue on microphone recently.

The problem is the microphone is not amplifying its volume when it is connecting as a phone communication.

But if it is convert as the speakerphone or any voice recording were fine enough.  So, my wife and myself made an appointment for fixing and visited the apple store.

The service rep. was keep on saying, it is not the phone issue, it is the service provider issue based on initial testing with their own iphone.

And we didn’t take their investigation result, because my wife’s phone didn’t have the same issue at the first three months. Then, they took the phone and tried to clean the microphone area.

But it didn’t work out well at all.

Finally, they accepted the defect of phone based on our strong arguments that is not the service provider or sim card issue and couple of simple testings including cleaning.

And they offered us to replace our phone with refurbished phone that looks like almost brand new phone without a box .


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