Apple Store started selling Unlocked iphone 5 (11/29/2012)

Apple Store has started selling an Unlocked IPhone5 from  11/29/2012. You can purchase it from online store then pick up from any close offline apple  store.

The price of 16GB model is at $649 , 32GB  is at $749, and the  64GB is at $849 right now. The price is identical to Unlocked version of iphone 4S initially.

I had ordered last night (11/29/2012) and got a test message from apple that pick up is available from today morning time.

I went to apple store around 5pm. today and the line of pickup was not that long and it didn’t seems to be that busy inside of store.   And on the way home, I have stopped by tmobile store and purchased a nano-sim card with $30 plan(100 minutes with unlimited data plan) .

As soon as insert the SIM card to iphone 5,  it starts working but my home area was not goot the reception signal for 4G of tmobil then it went to the 2G edge signal.

Then I have experienced very slow speed of data connection from that time. I have another phone that is the Nexus 4 that is using straight talk service and has better reception on At&T HSPA+ signal. The speed of data transaction is much better than Iphone 5. Yeah, it is matter of coverage of 4G service that is essential to check before you buy a phone and service.


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