King Spa to open in Virginia soon – Grand Opening, October 13th, 2021

It has been more than 10 years since a large Korean-style Jjim-Jil Bang was established in the United States.

When King Spa opened in Chicago, I remember going there often when I missed Korea.

We had a great time with my children, lying on a comfortable sofa, watching a movie, and eating Naengmyeon or Samgyetang at a food court, and red bean Bingsu in the summer.

In addition to Chicago, there is King Spa & Waterpark in Dallas, which will soon open in Virginia as well. An outdoor swimming pool is expected here.

King Spa offers a variety of services such as facial massage and exfoliation service(Scrub), full body acupressure, foot massage, V-Steam Herb(WORMWOOD STEAM SITZ) for women, and chair massage at the lounge. Also, there is a newly launched CBD Oil Massage.

Open on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021.

The address is 25330 EASTERN MARKETPLACE PLAZA, CHANTILLY, VA 20152, and the phone number is 703-957-3010.

King Spa Virginia Grand Opening 킹스파 버지니아 오픈

The address and phone number of King Spa in the United States are as follows.

  • King Spa & Sauna Chicago : 809 Civic Center Dr. Niles, IL. 60714 / T. 847-972-2540
  • King Spa & Waterpark Dallas : 2154 Royal Ln. Dallas, TX. 75229 / T. 214-420-9070
  • King Spa Virginia : 25330 Eastern Marketplace Plaza, Chantilly, VA 20152 / T. 703-957-3010

A delicious Korean Ribs(Galbi : 갈비) restaurant “K-BBQ” located in Palatine, suburb of Chicago, USA

I went on a Sunday evening and it was full and there were no seats available. The tables were widely arranged and there were many people serving, so the order was processed right away.

This place cooks meat on induction rather than charcoal or gas fire, but the heat is not weak at all, so there was no problem in grilling meat.

The meats I ordered were 꽃갈비살/Boneless Galbi (price is $36.99) and 양념갈비/Marinated Galbi (price is $32.99). As shown in the picture below, the meat seemed to be of the highest quality, and the thickness and taste were also very good.

Rice and miso soup included in the price were also delicious. At some restaurants, I was disappointed that the stew was not included even when I ordered the Galbi, but I was very satisfied that this place was served in a bowl of soup.

After finishing the Galbi, I ordered 물냉면/Naengmyeon and 비빔냉면/Bibim Naengmyeon. There was no meat in the Naengmyeon, but the Naengmyeon was very tasty. I recommend 물냉면/Naengmyeon rather than 비빔냉면/Bibim Naengmyeon.

The address of the K-BBQ is 1925 Plum Grove Rd, Palatine, IL 60067, and the phone number is (847) 485-7072 and is open from 4pm to 10pm except Mondays closed. (Open 4 – 10PM, Tuesday to Sunday)

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

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