A delicious Korean Ribs(Galbi : 갈비) restaurant “K-BBQ” located in Palatine, suburb of Chicago, USA

I went on a Sunday evening and it was full and there were no seats available. The tables were widely arranged and there were many people serving, so the order was processed right away.

This place cooks meat on induction rather than charcoal or gas fire, but the heat is not weak at all, so there was no problem in grilling meat.

The meats I ordered were 꽃갈비살/Boneless Galbi (price is $36.99) and 양념갈비/Marinated Galbi (price is $32.99). As shown in the picture below, the meat seemed to be of the highest quality, and the thickness and taste were also very good.

Rice and miso soup included in the price were also delicious. At some restaurants, I was disappointed that the stew was not included even when I ordered the Galbi, but I was very satisfied that this place was served in a bowl of soup.

After finishing the Galbi, I ordered 물냉면/Naengmyeon and 비빔냉면/Bibim Naengmyeon. There was no meat in the Naengmyeon, but the Naengmyeon was very tasty. I recommend 물냉면/Naengmyeon rather than 비빔냉면/Bibim Naengmyeon.

The address of the K-BBQ is 1925 Plum Grove Rd, Palatine, IL 60067, and the phone number is (847) 485-7072 and is open from 4pm to 10pm except Mondays closed. (Open 4 – 10PM, Tuesday to Sunday)

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

미국 시카고 교외 맛있는 식당 추천 - K-bbq

[Enjoy Chicago] Iron Age Korean Steak House, Glenview

A new steak house(ALL YOU CAN EAT) has opened in Glenview, a suburb of Chicago. I saw in the newspaper that it opened at the end of 2019, but I haven’t been there, but I finally have a place to go.

The Korean Steak Buffet is priced from $25 to $30, so you don’t have to go there unless it’s a special day.

First of all, it is good that it is located in the Korean commercial district, which is popular in the suburbs of Chicago.

After eating at Iron Age, it is convenient to go to the nearby Korean bakery Tous Les Jours or Paris Baguette to eat dessert with coffee and cake, and then go to JoongBoo Market, a Korean mart to buy groceries.

The Glenview area has become a popular destination for Koreans in Chicago, both young and old.

Iron Age’s address is 4513 W Lake Ave, Glenview, IL 60025, and the menu can be found on the website.

According to the website, Iron Age was a franchise restaurant that had already been opened in many places in the United States, including DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, GEORGIA, and ILLINOIS.

When you open the door and step inside, it is modern and different from the typical buffet restaurant. Large screens are installed on the walls on all sides, showing videos of Korean idol groups. The music is also K-pop.

We ordered all kinds of beef, pork belly, steamed egg, and Spicy Rice Cake, and they were all delicious.

One thing to point out… I wanted to eat hot stew with the steak, but stews are not on the menu.

Chicago Area

4513 W Lake Ave
Glenview IL 60025

1265 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL 60622


Iron Age Korean Steak House
Iron Age Korean Steak House

Review of Sagano Japanese Restaurant at Barrington , IL

Sagano Japanese Restaurant at Barrington , IL
110 N Hough St, Barrington, IL 60010
(847) 382-8980

It is a tough decision to be in the Japanese restaurant for a dinner in the mid-west area in US.  As you can easily guess, the quality of meal would not be in that right level. However, my worry was not necessary and fulfilled all my conditions and requirement for perfect dinner.

We have ordered a kind of Chef’s special for combination of Sushi, Sashimi and Maki as above attached image.  Three people couldn’t be able to finish all of them due to nice appetizer that has included with order. They are salad, miso soup, roll with vegi, and fried chicken wings.

The fish meat was fresh and thick enough to chew which make a good taste of meal. The service was great and provided free desert like red bean and green tea ice cream.

Please avoid to be there in the prime time zone unless you are fine to wait more time for good quality of food.

In a nutshell, the place has good quality of meals and service is at the right level to fulfill your expectation. As you can guess, the cost is little bit high but it can be compensate by right quality with service. I wouldn’t mind go there by myself for the fresh fish food but would not be the daily visit restaurant like any fast food restaurant.

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